Information Technology


Active Directory

AD management is a service provided to campus. We maintain, secure and monitor central domain controllers and support the campus OU and AD administrators. We currently provision student accounts in AD from central CatID data and are working on a project to provision all UNI accounts in AD with useful group information.

UNI has multiple child domains in a single forest. UNI is in the process of migrating child domains to a single domain. A single domain is shared by using permission protected organizational units for each IT support domain on campus.   

Alertus Desktop Notification Client

Alertus is a desktop notification client that allows UNI Alert alerts to be sent to classroom, digital signage, and office workstations and laptops in the form of a full-screen notification.

When a notification is sent out via the UNI Alert system, it will also be sent out to any location that has the Alertus Desktop Notification software installed.

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Application Development and Support

We provide traditional analysis, design, programming, and testing for enterprise applications spanning a variety of platforms and technologies.

Application Implementation and Integration

We provide implementation and integration support for enterprise level vended applications.  This includes centrally supported PeopleSoft (Campus Solutions, CRM, Portal and Student Data Warehouse modules), Oracle E-Business Applications, Hyland OnBase document imaging system and Accruent Facilities and Maintenance Management along with various other applications.

Audio and Video Production

Audio Production Services records, mixes, edits, and copies sound materials either in a studio or on-location. We also assist in the selection of music and sound effects as well as in the hiring of narrators. Video Production Services records and edits video materials in a studio or on-location and provides titling, special effects, and digital file compression.

Central Authentication System

CAS is an enterprise Single Sign-On solution for web services. Single Sign-On (SSO) means a better user experience when running a multitude of web services, each with its own means of authentication.

Database Hosting and Administration

Databases are used to store nearly all of the university's computerized data. The university primarily utilizes the Oracle database engine to meet these needs. Microsoft's SQL Server database is utilized for applications not supporting the Oracle database.  

A database is an engine that stores, processes, and secures data for the university. Databases support high volume access with quick response. The university's database environment has been architected to be highly available and quickly recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Digital Signage

IT Educational Technology & Media Services provides digital signage solutions to the university campus through our Media Services staff.

Digital signage can be created and displayed throughout campus as well as on our campus cable TV system.

Disc Duplication

The Production House can make one copy of your CD or we can arrange to have 1000's of your DVD replicated. We can handle any job, any size with any options.