At UNI, we are committed to providing equal and effective electronic and information technology access to all individuals.

Accessible electronic and information technology is technology that can be accessed by people with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. When technology has been developed with accessibility in mind, incorporating the principles of universal design, most users are able to interact with the technology in the ways that work best for them.

We provide training on many different kinds of document accessibility. Workshops are available at various times throughout the year, and you can always request a one-to-one consultation using Service Hub. Also, we've created some basic tutorials for creating accessible digital information:

Web Accessibility at UNI

Closed Captioning at UNI

Creating Accessible Word Documents (Microsoft Word 2019 for Windows)

Creating Accessible PDFs from Word Documents (Adobe Acrobat Pro for Windows)

Creating Accessible PowerPoint presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 for Windows) 

Creating social media posts that are accessible (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)

For documents and presentations we recommend using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. However, there are ways to make Google documents or presentations more accessible.


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