Getting Started with Citrix


Citrix Desktop and Applications 

Citrix Virtual Desktop and Applications is a service provided by Information Technology at UNI that allows students, faculty and staff access to licensed applications from their personal devices.

All UNI students and faculty have access to the Purple Desktop in Citrix and the MyUNIverse Chrome App, in the apps tab. 

Below you will find important written  information on getting started with Citrix, including installing the client, connecting to the application or desktop, requesting additional access and saving.  As a supplicant to the written guide we have created a video that covers the same information.  You must be logged in with your UNI account, you can view that here: 


Citrix Workspace Client Install (Required) 

Student and Personal Device Set up
Installers and guide can be found at: Installing Citrix Workspace and Connecting to Citrix environment

UNI Machine Setup 
If you are wanting to install the Citrix Workspace on a UNI managed device, follow these instructions: 

How to Install Citrix Workspace on a UNI Windows managed device

How to Install Citrix Workspace on a UNI MacOS managed device

At the Add Account prompt you will need to enter:


At the Add Account prompt enter


Saving in Citrix 

One of the most important items to know is how to save in Citrix. When you log off of a Citrix app or desktop environment, it is reset for the next person so all data will be wiped. Depending on the device you are working from, we have instructions on how you can save while using Citrix:

Windows:  Saving in the Citrix Environment using a Windows device 

MacOS: Preparing MacOS to Save in Citrix 

ChromeBook: Saving on a Chromebook in Citrix 

Requesting Additional Access

If the application needed is not on the Purple Desktop, check to see if it's on the Gold Desktop or Individual applications. If it is, you will just need to request access! If it's not, a faculty member will need to put in a request for us to test and deploy it.  

Faculty -  Request Classroom Use of Citrix Desktop and Applications

Faculty have the ability to request access to the Gold Desktop or specific applications using the request above. This form can also be used to request new applications be added to the Citrix system. 

Students - Student Citrix Request

Students have the ability to request access to the Gold Desktop or specific applications using the request above.


Troubleshooting Citrix 

If you have more than one monitor and would like to use both for the Citrix experience, check out these instructions:  How to use multiple monitors in Citrix

We have a general FAQ with Troubleshooting steps you can look at if you have additional questions. 

If your question is still not answered, complete the Citrix Virtual Desktop Support Request 


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