Studio IT or Computer Based Testing Center Reservation

Please submit one form per time slot. Enter repeating dates into the "Dates" field.

For example:

Start Time: 1:00 PM
End Time : 2:00 PM


You will receive a copy of the form upon submission.

**PLEASE NOTE - ANY event request for an event that occurs on a weekend or if the event occurs before 8am or after 5pm must be approved and the person hosting the event must go through training on how to use the room at least 48 hours ahead of the event. The person hosting the event will be responsible for any technical needs as well as opening and securing the room.

** Due to room scheduling and use, please submit reservation requests at least 2 weeks prior to the time of your event. You will receive confirmation of your reservation inquiry within 7-14 business days. Please contact us if you have not received a reservation inquiry response within 7 - 14 business days.

** If you are requesting the room for a regularly scheduled class, please indicate so in the notes, as well as the date and time of the Final Exam for that class.

** ITTC 134 - 30 laptops and ITTC 138 are now arranged in "pods". Any changes made to the room are the responsibility of the person who reserved the room, and it must be returned to the original layout before leaving.

You can contact us at 319-273-7218 or via email at

Current Room Availability:

Dates - **Please include FINALS DATES AND TIMES if you are scheduling the rooms for an entire semester for a course.
How many participants will be using the room?
Are you using the room for testing?
Check equipment that you would like to use.
How many computers do you need?
Describe how you wish to use StudioIT and also any special room arrangements:
I am willing to allow others to observe while I use StudioIT
  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub