Requesting Closed Captioning for YouTube Videos

You can either correct your own automatically generated YouTube captions, or request closed captions from IT. If you want IT to create closed captions, fill out a Service Hub request. We will ask you for the video file so we can create the closed captions.

How to download a YouTube video to give to the Closed Captions department

Log into YouTube. Under your profile, go to YouTube Studio:

sign in to YouTube Studio

In the left sidebar, select Content:

Content menu item in YouTube

Point to the video you want to download.

Select the three dots (options) and choose Download.


Download option in YouTube Studio


Currently we are having people use a shared Google Drive to give us the MP4s. When you fill out your Service Hub ticket, you can give us the shared URL. We take the MP4 and close caption it in our software, which generates a file called .srt. We give you the .srt file and you upload it to the corresponding YouTube video.

How to upload an SRT (caption) file to your YouTube video:

You may need to delete the automatic captions. Click on the down arrow under Languages. Then hover over that row, and click the three dots at the end of the row, and choose Delete.

Thumbnail of instructions

To upload the new caption file, select ADD (at the end of the row) Then select Upload File.

Choose With timing, then select Continue.

Choose a file to upload.

Select Publish at top right.


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