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Information Technology

Two Factor Authentication

UNI is in the process of implementing Two Factor authentication capability. Two-factor authentication requires not only a password, but also a second device to be in the users’ possession, such as a phone, or other device.  We have tested this system with cell phones as well as desktop phones, all works as expected.  We recently licensed DUO for campus, which will provide our campus users with a very flexible set of options for using two-factor authentication.

We are currently working on two major pieces to this project:

  1. Setting up ebiz to use the two factors.  We have the system working with basic two-factor authentication; however, we are now working to enable the DUO software to work with the ebiz authentication.  While this has been done before, we are very early adopters of this.
  2. Setting up processes so that UNI users can set their preferred second factor authentication options.  Options here include:
    1. Giving it your office or cell phone number.  When needing second factor it will call your office phone and if you answer and hit a key, it will take that as good and let you in.
    2. Installing an app on your phone that will generate keys for you to enter at log in time..
    3. Installing an app on your cell phone that prompts to say ok, you when you try to use your cat ID.
    4. Using a small token that generates numbers tied to you.  So when prompted you enter a number from the device and it lets you in.

All of these second factors either ensure that when you are logging in to the system that you are at your desk, or have a cell phone or some other device in your possession.

Assuming testing continues to go well we will have limited roll out this summer and all ebiz users using 2 factors in October of 2017.

Start Date: 
January, 2016