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Information Technology

Current Projects


iProcurement has gone live which allows approved users to log into eBusiness and purchase items directly from OfficeMax. This simplifies the purchasing and shopping experience, and improves reporting efforts as it is all tightly integrated. Additional vendors such as Air Gas and various technology and pc vendors will be added in the future as new purchasing agreements are completed.


ProTrav is a system developed and used at the University of Iowa. UNI’s Business operations and ITS Information Systems has been working with IT staff at Iowa to allow UNI staff to use it as well. Testing of this effort is underway, with a targeted go live no later than late February 2016.

Two Factor Authentication

UNI is in the process of implementing Two Factor authentication capability. Two factor authentication requires not only a password, but a device to be in the users possession, such as a phone, or other device. At this point we are not expecting all users to use this, however users with access to sensitive data will be required to use it. ITS is targeting limited testing in the spring of 2016, with a larger go live slated for the summer of 2016.

Course Demand and prerequisite checking

During the Fall of 2014, ITS and Advising worked together to develop course demand reporting based on all students advisement reports. The initial release did not take into account prerequisite checking. Additional work has now been completed and is being tested which takes prerequisites into account. This is slated to be widely available to campus users prior to the Spring 2017 call for classes.

Faculty Activity Reporting

All UNI colleges have some form of faculty activity reporting, some are automated, and some are very manual. ITS is working with representatives from each college to identify how a single system can be developed and support the needs of all colleges. The goal is to have something available before the Fall of 2016.

ITF Work

If a serious disaster were to compromise several key computing facilities on campus it would take 3-4 weeks for UNI to have those systems back on line. In discussions several years ago ITS was challenged to find a way of reducing that number to 2 – 3 days without more funding. We are now in the early stages of implementing the plan to accomplish this, by moving some of UNI’s test systems to the ITF (Iowa Technology Facility) in Coralville.

eBusiness upgrade to 12.2

The eBusiness system is a vended system which we apply minor to medium sized updates regularly. The 12.2 upgrade is a larger type upgrade that we will need to tackle by the end of fall 2017. Upgrades of this size only occur once every 5 – 10 years, this will be our second major upgrade since our initial implementation in 2001.

Campus Solutions Upgrade to 9.2

The Campus Solutions system is a vended system which we apply minor to medium sized updates regularly. The 9.2 upgrade is a larger type upgrade that we will need to tackle by the end of summer 2018. Upgrades of this size typically only occur once every 5 – 10 years, this will be our first major upgrade since our initial implementation in 2011.

Data warehouse work

While the UNI data warehouse has data from nearly all UNI systems and much of this is based on code written by UNI for UNI, the original student warehouse is vended. The student warehouse was purchased along with the original student system. Oracle is discontinuing support for it, and encouraging UNI to move to a newer product. Rather than experience additional cost and effort to implement their new solution, we have chosen to take full ownership of the original system and drop support.

Continued Document Imaging Rollout

UNI has implemented and is using the OnBase imaging system from Hyland Software. We currently have the following areas using the system: Admissions, Financial Aid, Grad College, Human Resources and the Registrar's office.

This project will continue to serve new business processes and areas as they are identified. If you have documents and processes you would like to discuss moving to document imaging, please contact Lisa Feldhaus in ITS.