Keeping your personal cell phone number private

Many people prefer to keep their cellphone number private from work relations.  Below is some information intended to provide you with the tools to facilitate this privacy.

Does standard call forwarding from my UNI extension reveal my personal number?

  • If you are using standard call forwarding from your UNI phone extension to your personal cellphone, your personal number is not revealed to the caller. Typically they aren't even aware their call is forwarded.
  • To return a call without sharing your number you can dial *67 to initiate a call that blocks your identity. You can read more about this on Verizon's FAQ. This code can vary depending on your provider, but all major providers use *67.
  • It may be helpful let people who you expect to call back know that you will be calling from an anonymous/blocked number.

Does EC500 reveal my personal number?

  • If you are using EC500 to send calls to your cellphone, the caller will not see your personal number.
  • When you place calls to UNI numbers, your caller id will show as your UNI extension number.
  • You can place a call to outside numbers from your UNI number using your cellphone by dialing 319-273-5228. Once you've connected you'll receive a dial tone and can dial out as you would from your desk phone. Read more on Getting Started with EC500.

If you have questions about privacy when interacting with UNI Voice services, feel free to submit a ticket in Service Hub.


  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub