Duo Universal Prompt, Phase 2B

This upgrade has taken place on Thursday, May 26

In mid-to-late April, a number of Duo applications were upgraded to be able to convert to Duo's new Universal Prompt. See https://it.uni.edu/updates/duo-universal-prompt-phase-2 for those details. However, the set of applications scheduled for April 27 had some issues and was reverted. Those updates are now scheduled for this coming Wednesday, May 17.

  • Wednesday, May 17:  Many internal and/or higher-use resources, e.g., Google apps, eBiz, Zoom, ServiceHub, CBORD GET, VPN, Docusign, EZ Proxy, FAMIS 360, etc.

The above is a sample of the most common applications affected. A complete list can be found at https://it.uni.edu/shibboleth-and-duo-universal-prompt-upgrades. Details on Duo's Universal Prompt can be found at https://guide.duo.com/universal-prompt

  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub