Installing Citrix Workspace and Connecting to the Citrix environment

Installing Citrix Workspace and Connecting to the Virtual Desktop and Applications environment


Below are steps that will guide you through connecting to VDI in order to access applications and desktops.

  1. The Citrix Workspace application must be installed in order to access applications or desktops.  Workspace is free and may be obtained directly from Citrix.
  2. When installing Workspace if prompted to Enable Single Sign-on do not enable that option.
    Do not enable single sign-on

  3. Once installed you should be prompted to add an account.  Enter and click add
    ​​Citrix Add Account

  4. You will be prompted to authenticate.  Use your CatID credentials to log in:
    citrix login​​

You should now have access to the applications and desktops available to you.  It may take a minute or two for applications or desktops to start because a user profile will be created at logon.

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