Closed captions in Panopto

UNI's closed captioning team needs an MP4 video file to close caption. 

If you don't have the original MP4 file, you can download one from Panopto. We usually have people share the MP4 file in Google Drive. After we have close captioned your video, we send you a file (.srt) to upload to Panopto. Instructions for that are further down this page.

Downloading an MP4 file from Panopto

Go to your folder in Panopto and find the video you want to download. Hover over the title/link to your video and choose "Settings"

Settings highlighted






In the left column in the next screen, choose "Outputs".

Settings screen with Outputs highlighted

Choose "Download Podcast":

Download Podcast link highlighted in Outputs dialog box

Uploading an SRT caption file to Panopto

Hover over the link/title for your caption file and choose Settings.

Settings button

In the following screen, go to the left column menu and choose "Captions".

menu with Captions selected

Browse for your caption file (.srt) and upload it.

Browse and Upload Captions

Your captions appear alongside your video:

captions alongside Panopto video


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