Using the Zoom Live Transcription Service

Zoom recently released the ability for meeting hosts to automatically have live transcription for their in progress meetings. This functionality is driven by AI software and isn't perfect, but is a huge step towards accessibility for all in meetings, online conferences, and potentially even remotely delivered classes. This document will explain how to configure and start using the live transcription service in Zoom.

Step 1: Navigate your web browser to and click the Sign In link in the upper right hand corner of the website.

screen capture of the zoom home page with the sign in link highlighted


Step 2: On the sign in page, click the option for Google authentication at the bottom right.

zoom web page sign in with google authentication choice highlighted


Step 3: On the resulting screen, enter your UNI Email address and click Next. The CatID login page will then be displayed. Sign in with your CatID username and password. You will also be required to authenticate to a Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) prompt.

Google authentication screen


Step 4: You are now logged into the Zoom website and can see your meetings and settings. Click on Settings in the left hand options menu.

zoom web interface with the settings link highlighted


Step 5: Once on the settings page, scroll down to the section called In Meeting (Advanced) and look for the Closed Captioning section. Turn on the toggle for closed captioning and ensure both boxes below it are checked.

zoom settings for closed captioning showing which settings need to be check marked


Step 6: When you are next hosting a meeting in which you'd like to provide live transcription services, click on the Live Transcript option in the zoom toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

zoom interface toolbar with the live transcription button highlighted


Step 7: On the resulting menu, select Enable Auto-Transcription.

zoom options menu for live transcriptions choosing to do auto live transcription


Step 8: Live transcription for the meeting will then be turned on and showing for all attendees.

zoom conferencing interface showing that transcriptions are now live at the bottom of the screen


zoom interface showing that live transcriptions are on at the bottom of the screen


Step 9: You can also change the positioning of the transcription to be in a side bar on the right hand side of the screen. This can be handy because it will try to display who said what. To enable this, click the carrot pointing up on the Live Transcript button on the bottom of the zoom interface and then choose View Full Transcript from the resulting pop up menu.

zoom interface showing the option to turn on the view full transcript for the right sidebar interface

The full transcript then appears on the right side of the zoom interface.

zoom full transcript interface showing who is saying what in the zoom meeting



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