Using the New Service Hub Portal

Service Hub is UNI's portal to request help or services from IT, updated on Monday, July 8, 2019. To log in, visit:


Searching for help

Start by searching for your topic, for example, email:


If a request or article shows up that is helpful, you can view it or fill out the request.

Filling out a request for help

If you need additional help, fill out the Get IT help request:


After filling out the information, click on the Create button. You will see your request with your information:

issue view

The status of your request is displayed beside the comments or next to the summary:

issue status


From here, you can add comments by clicking in the Comment on this request... field, adding your comments, and clicking Add.


You can also share the issue with any other person at UNI by clicking on the Share link and typing their name or email address:



If you fixed the issue or no longer need help, you can choose to make it Resolved by clicking on the Resolved link:


Type in a comment and click on Resolved.

Viewing other requests

To see other requests you've made or participated in, click on Requests in the top-right corner. A number will be displayed, showing your number of open requests:

other requests

Your requests will be displayed:


You can change the filters to show closed requests or ones you have participated in.

Logging out

To log out, click on the person icon in the top-right corner and choose Log out:

log out


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