Virtual Desktops Updates

4 years 4 months ago

Update: Pilot program has ended and Citrix is now widely available to students at UNI. See "Getting Started with Citrix" for more information.

Information Technology (IT) is seeking fifty UNI students who are interested in piloting a new virtual desktop service on campus. The service, powered by Citrix remote access technology, will allow students to run applications on their personally-owned devices like the Adobe Creative Cloud and others that are typically only available in on-campus computer labs. These applications would be accessible from on or off campus. 

The pilot program will run over the course of the Spring 2020 academic term. IT will work closely with each student volunteer to ensure they are able to connect to and use the new virtual desktop service. Student volunteers are free to use the applications over the course of the pilot program for their academic needs while providing valuable feedback on the virtual desktops to help IT ensure the service is useful, robust, and ready for the rest of campus.

If you are a currently enrolled student at UNI and interested in participating, please fill out the following form  to enroll in the pilot program.




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