Scam email messages appearing to be from President Nook

This morning has brought another round of scam emails that purport to be from President Nook, but that are not using his real UNI address. An example address that was used was "drmarknook‌". Personal messages to you from President Nook will come from his normal UNI address, "Mark.Nook‌". Mass messages will be from a different address, usually "president‌".

The initial content of this morning's scam message was very short and cryptic:

Are you available now?

A response to that message went to a human and generated a conversation that ends with a request for you to purchase several iTunes gift cards for which reimbursement will made. This is an outright scam. The criminals aren't after your credentials or identity, they just want your money! Recognize the fake message from the beginning, mark it as spam, and delete it.

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