Learning Spaces at UNI

It is great to see another classroom / learning space installed and ready to use at the University of Northern Iowa.

Our team has the opportunity in assisting the campus with the technologies installed in various spaces. We provide services with assessing the technology needs for the space, acquisition, installation, and training for the technology within these spaces. 

Training involves both the “what buttons to push” to make the classroom operate to “best practices” on how to utilize the classrooms to have the most effective impact for engaged student learning.

This classroom has the capabilities to support wireless or wired screen sharing from mobile devices, document camera, DVD player as well as high definition local and international video and audio conferencing capabilities. It also has an easy to use control system.

The room looks a little empty as the furniture has not been delivered. This room will have a table in the center. Several other rooms we have completed have movable tables and chairs to allow for active learning capabilities.

If you're interested, http://classrooms.uni.edu is our web page that has an overview of technologies installed in our base standard classrooms.

Off to the next adventure!

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