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6 years 2 months ago

College of Education recently completed a new series of lunch and learn presentations by faculty, called “Big Ideas Small Bytes”. Six presentations were organized by their Educational Technologist, Farah Kashef, and delivered by the faculty, and one graduate student, from various areas of the college. The focus of the series was to share experiences on newly adopted pedagogical approaches that lead to more student engagement and learning _ Big Ideas. There was usually a technology piece that was tied in the experience being presented _hence, “Small Bytes”; pun intended? Maybe! For the TPACK fans, this was more focused on the TPK segment of the concept.

Dr. Huckstadt presenting    faculty conducting a workshop

Although the presentations were in an informal environment (most were in the faculty lounge area of the Schindler Education Center), all were exceptionally of high quality, meaningful, and thought-provoking where student learning was first and technology second. College of Education will continue to have the Big Ideas Small Bytes series in the upcoming fall semester. The spring presentations were:

1- Beginning with the end in mind... utilizing technology as a tool; by Dr. Kim Huckstadt

2- Guiding Students to High-Quality Resources: Rod Library research Guides; by Anne Marie Gruber and Katelyn Browne

3- Using free and open-source game development platform, ARIS, to enhance lessons; by Dr. Dana Atwood-Blaine

4- Making professors' implicit expectations explicit to their students through more transparent assignments: A micro-workshop; by Drs. Elana Joram, Shuaib Meacham, and Susan Hill

5- A Techno-Illiterate Septuagenarian's Use of Media Tools; by Dr. Tom Davis

6- Steven’s Journey: The Evolution of Technology for Guiding a Career Path; by Steven Blair –Graduate student.

      After Steven's presentation

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