Classrooms Learning Spaces Updates

6 years 8 months ago

Over the past two years, an initiative has been underway to upgrade the technologies within classrooms and learning spaces at the University Of Northern Iowa (UNI).

This initiative is focused on classroom and learning spaces in regards to upgrading aging technologies, providing a consistent experience, providing centralized support and training within these spaces. This initiative has been a collaborative effort involving Information Technology (IT), Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators.   

A set of baseline technologies have been selected and are currently being integrated within classrooms and learning spaces across campus. The initiative is a multi-year initiative and will continue to be implemented in the future.

For more information about the project, technologies that are being installed, and contact information please check out the Learning Spaces web site at

  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub