UNI Web Colors

The official UNI web colors are used on any screen-oriented content, including websites, kiosks, displays and presentation slides. 

    UNI Purple
Hexidecimal: 4B116F
RGB: R=75, G=17, B=111
    UNI Gold
Hexidecimal: FFCC00
RGB: R=255, G=204, B=0

The color combinations of black and gold or red and gold should never be used in close proximity to each other on the UNI web site. Those are the colors of the University of Iowa and Iowa State University.

Questions? Contact DeWayne Purdy.


Alexander Fox - Web Developer, Client Services
Celeste Parker - Senior Web Developer, Client Services
DeWayne Purdy - Electronic Communication Manager, Client Services
Peter Yezek - Senior Systems Programmer UNIX, Network & Infrastructure Services
Rachel Kleven - Web Developer, Client Services
Sanjin Rosic - Web Developer, Client Services
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