UNI Smart Devices Network

UNI Smart Devices Network

UNI Smart Devices is a new WiFi network at UNI. This network will enable devices like smart TVs, gaming stations and other special purpose systems. It’s intended on for devices that can’t connect the eduroam network with a username and password.  Laptops and other devices that support 802.1x authentication should use eduroam, because it is secure and has fewer controls. Devices like laptops and tablets will not work on UNI smart Devices.

Some devices are intended for home use and don’t work well, or not all features work with UNI’s Smart Devices network. Devices that require you to connect directly to the the smart devices with a mobile application will not work. This applies to some features of smart speakers and to a TV stick.

How to join UNI Smart Devices:

An example of devices that can be joined to this network are:

  • Smart TVs
  • Video streaming devices such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Amazon Echos (voice commands only)
  • Game Consoles
    • Wii U/Switch
    • Xbox One
    • Playstation 4
  • Smart speakers, appliances, and wearables
    • Amazon echo (voice commands only)
    • Watches/fitness trackers
    • Video cameras
    • Home automation
    • Cloud connected printers
  • Other
    • Devices must support wifi 802.11g, n, or ac using WPA2-PSK AES

Devices that NOT are supported:

  • Google Home
  • Devices requiring direct access from another device to use or manage, such as Chromecast
  • Wireless routers/extenders (which are a violation of UNI IT policy)
  • Desktop computers, wireless laptops, cell phones, and tables
    • These devices should connect to UNI's eduroam network instead

To connect to the network:

  1. Visit- https://netaccess.uni.edu
    Note: This website is only accessible from on-campus at UNI. You must be connected to the eduroam network or an active wired connection. Cellular connections will not work.

  2. Log in with your CatID username and password:
    enter catID username and password
  3. Choose Smart Wireless Device:
    choose smart wireless device
  4. Fill out the Device Name and your MAC Address of the device that will be used. Need help finding your device's MAC address? Visit our documentation on finding MAC addresses of common devices.
    enter smart device MAC
  5. Choose Register Device.
  6. Congratulations! Your device is now registered:
    Manage Devices
  7. You will receive an email with the same confirmation information that looks like this:
    email confirmation

Connecting Your Device

Once your device has been registered, follow this process on your device:

  1. After starting your device and choose the "UNI Smart Devices" network and enter the passphrase:
    • enter passphrase
  2. Finalize the network setup on your specific device.

Managing Your Devices

In some cases you may need to change something with your device.

Examples would be:

  • Your device has expired
  • Your device was transferred to another student
  • You no longer need your device registered

To begin:

  1. Login in at: https://netaccess.uni.edu
  2. Click on Manage Your Devices
    manage screen
  3. You may unregister your device if you no longer need it or Renew it if your are returned back to campus and want to continue to use your device.

Having problems?

The most common error is that the MAC address registered may be incorrect. Verify you're viewing the smart device's wireless MAC address and that it was entered in correct (12 digits total, 0-9 or A-F for characters.


Aaron Howard - Network Architect & Manager, Network & Infrastructure Services
Ryan Dupuy - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Shane Folkerts - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
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