Ken Connelly

Director & IT Security Officer - Information Security

Ken Connelly is a UNI alumnus with two B.A. degrees, Mathematics Teaching in 1975 and Computer Science in 1985. After a stint of teaching high school math and physics, Ken began working for UNI in Academic Computing Services in 1983. Departmental names changed over the years to Information Systems and Computing Services (ISCS), then Information Technology Services (ITS-NS), then Information Technology (IT-Information Security). Job duties/titles changed from PC Support to System Administrator, then Manager of Systems and Operations, then Associate Director for Security and Systems, and then Director of Information Security. Throughout his tenure at UNI, Ken's focus has been on the reliable, safe, and secure functioning of UNI computer systems and networks.

Ken's current duties as Director of Information Security include all facets of IT security, but focus on data center, workstation, and network security, vulnerability scanning of university systems, web application vulnerabilities, multi-factor authentication, and incident response. He shares a leadership role in all campus IT security projects, whether they originate in Information Technology or other areas of UNI. Ken is a recognized leader in national higher ed security circles. He has served on the membership committee, a transitional Board, and the permanent Board (inaugural chair) of REN-ISAC and is a frequent presenter at the annual EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference.

  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
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