Joseph Marchesani

Asst Professor and Coordinator TV/Audio Services - Educational Technology & Media Services


Joe received a B.A. in Communications from Fordham University, and an M.S. in Speech with a Television Production Emphasis from Brooklyn College, both in New York City. He also obtained an M.Ed. in Educational Media from Temple University in Philadelphia.

After working in New York City broadcast media in the 60s, Joe moved to educational positions at the end of that decade. With primarily a student staff, he has produced audio and video programming for Temple University and UNI for over 50 years. Joe has also taught courses in audio, video, and media production at those same institutions for much of that time. He has been active in many media organizations, and was a charter, long-time member of the Cedar Falls Cable TV Commission, which brought and administered cable television here.


  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub