Jeffrey Ries

Senior eLearning System Administrator - Educational Technology & Media Services

Jeffrey is the Senior eLearning System Administrator for the UNI eLearning Suite of tools at UNI. He received his B.A. in Management: Business Administration from University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in May 2004. During his four years as a student at UNI, Jeffrey also worked as a Student Technology and Application Specialist assisting with the administration and support of the campus' WebCT Learning Management System as well supporting faculty and staff with instructional design, Microsoft Office, website design, etc. After a few years in the private sector, Jeffrey returned to UNI in March 2008 as the Assistant Applications Administrator/LMS and 3.5 years later became the Application Administrator/LMS. With additional 10 years of experience, Jeffrey was promoted to newly created Senior eLearning System Administrator position in March 2022.


  • Administration of UNI eLearning Suite systems
    • System upgrades
    • 3rd party publisher and tool integrations
    • Change management
    • Migration to cloud/SaaS solution
    • Integrations between UNI eLearning Suite Tools/Systems
    • Data analysis
  • Project Management
  • Customer Support/Relationship Expert
  • Technology integration into teaching and learning
  • Participant and contributor in Blackboard's: Teaching & Learning Administrator Office Hours, Bb Admin Tech Office Hours, Ultra User Group, Original Office Hours, MidWest US Blackboard User Group (MWUS-BUG), etc.
  • "First comes SaaS, then comes CD, then comes Ultra Base Navigation!" BbWorld 2019 Presentation to 70+ attendees and CEO of Blackboard Inc.
  • Participant and regular contributor on the Anthology Community and Blackboard Techies Slack channels
  • Strategic Planning


  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub