Setting up the Gmail App for iOS to Work with Your UNI Gmail Account

Follow these steps to successfully set up the Gmail app on your iOS device to work with your UNI Gmail account.


Step 1: Download and install the Gmail app from the Apple app store and then launch it. Tap the Sign in button at the bottom.

ios gmail app sign in screen


Step 2: On the add account screen, tap Google.

select google when asked for what type of account


Step 3: Tap Continue when the Gmail app asks to use to Sign in.

click continue to move forward


Step 4: Enter your UNI Email address and click Next.

enter your email address and click continue


Step 5:  You'll be taken to the UNI CatID login screen. Enter your information and click Login.

enter your UNI catID information


Step 6: Authenticate at the Duo prompt as you normally would. Remember to check the box for remember me for 30 days at the bottom.

authenticate at the duo prompt


If you are using the Duo smart phone app as your second factor, you will see a Duo notification across the top of your screen. Tap it.

tap the duo prompt


You'll be taken to the Duo app to approve the Duo prompt. Tap approve.

tap approve on the duo prompt


You'll then be sent back to the Duo mobile app home screen. In the top left corner, tap < Gmail. This will bring you back to your Gmail app.

tap gmail in upper left corner to go back to your gmail app


Step 7: You should then be logged into your Gmail app and able to use it!

you are now all set to use your gmail app

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