Preparing MacOS to save in Citrix

Preparing MacOS to save in Citrix

Issue 1: Citrix Requires permission to save files on a Mac laptop or desktop. To set this permission:

  • Log in to Citrix Workspace
  • In the upper right hand corner there is a downward pointing triangle next to your name or "menu" if not logged in, click on that to open the Citrix Settings menu
    • Choose Preferences
      • Citrix Preferences
    • Once the Citrix Settings menu opens choose "File Access"
    • Select "Read and Write"
      • read and write for mac
    • Close that box and return to the main Citrix Workspace screen and you are finished.
    • ** Note, this can also be triggered by navigating to the "C:" drive for the first time on your laptop (also known as "/" on your Mac) and you will be prompted for the following. Choose "Read and Write".
      • read-write-mac2
  • Permissions should now be set appropriately to save files locally


Issue 2: Save files to a valid location on the Mac


When attempting to save files on a Mac laptop or desktop, remember to save the file in a location that is writeable on the Mac. This is generally located in the /Users/[yourUsername]/ directory. Saving to the root of the drive will generally not work.

  • When browsing to save a file, click on "This PC" and choose a "Local Disk (C: on YourComputerName)"
  • Then navigate to Users --> [YourUsername] and save to a subfolder in there.
  • browse

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