Personal Purchasing for UNI Students, Faculty and Staff


Apple Computers

Apple offers a standard discount to all college students on their Macintosh devices. Discounts are not always available on iOS devices (such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods). These discounts can be obtained online through the Apple store for Education. Discounts can also be obtained while shopping in any Apple retail store by showing a UNI ID card.

Sometimes, Best Buy offers discounts on Apple devices, both iOS and Macintosh, for education customers. To be alerted to such deals, it is recommended that one sign up for the Best Buy Student Hub.

Dell Computers

For Microsoft Windows-based computers, UNI recommends Dell. Specific, compatible models are available at the UNI store at Dell.

Other Computers and Hardware Considerations

Apple and Dell are computers that UNI can whole-heartedly recommend. They are not the only computers that will serve you well while at UNI. Visit the following articles for more ideas and suggestions on what to look for in your new computer.

What features should my computer have?



Microsoft Office for Students and Faculty

Microsoft is moving its Office customers towards an Office 365 subscription. This subscription would grant you the ability to install Microsoft Office on devices you own. To read more about Office 365, visit this site.



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