Configure the Remote Desktop Program (RDP)

Remote Desktop Access to a Window System

First, you will need to check with your technical staff to be sure your user account has been granted the right to use Remote Desktop from outside the campus intranet. Then,

Launch Remote Desktop Connection, by clicking on Start, All Programs, Accessories, Remote Desktop Connection, or by using the “run” command and the program MSTSC.exe

 Normally you will just get the following dialogue box and simply press the “Connect” button:

 However, the  first time you run this software you will need to configure the program by going through the following steps:

Fill in the full computer name (i.e. of the workstation/server you want to connect to. If you don’t know this name you can find it by right-mouse-click on Computer then select Properties, otherwise, contact your technical support team or the Computer Consulting Center.

Click the Options button:

remote desktop connection


Click on the “Advanced” tab then click the "Settings" button:

remote desktop connection


Click on the “Use these RD Gateway Server Setting:" and enter "" in Server name and make "Ask for password (NTLM) the Logon method".  ***NOTE*** - on campus use can set this to "Automatically detect RD Gateway server settings", but only on campus. 

Also, make sure "Bypass RD Gateway server for local address" IS NOT checked and "Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer" IS checked:

remote desktop connection


 Click "OK" then click on the "Local Resources" tab then click on the “Disk drives” box so that a checkmark displays as shown. This allows you to use your local drives while you’re using the remote computer’s applications. The same reasoning applies to the “Printers” check box. Click it and then press the “Connect” button to get:


remote desktop connection


Click on "More" then select the following options then click "OK":

remote desktop connection

Click on the “Don’t prompt me again...” box so that a checkmark displays as shown, then press the “OK” button to get to the “Log On to Windows” screen:

Enter your User name: \<yourUserID> Password:

Press “OK” to be logged on to your remote workstation

remote desktop connection


NOTES: We have identified some of the most common difficulties people encounter when they're trying to use Remote Desktop to work on their office computers.

They are:

• When you are ready to exit your session perform the normal “Start” then “Log Off” procedure. CAUTION: Do not use Start and Shut Down or you will be unable to restart your computer for the next time, so be sure to use either Log Off or Restart.

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