Citrix - Using Dual Monitors

Citrix VDI using dual monitors on the web browser 

In order to utilize multiple monitors with a Citrix VDI desktop while using a web browser, follow these steps:

  1. Open your VDI Desktop
  2. In the middle top of the screen locate a half circle with three vertical lines, hover over this
  3. Click on the Citrix icon that will appear
  4. Click on the icon with two monitors
    Select the icon with two monitors.
  5. This will pop out a second screen, drag this over to your second monitor 
  6. The main monitor can be set to full screen, but the additional monitor can just be a large browser window

Citrix VDI using dual monitors on the local client

In order to utilize multiple monitors with a Citrix VDI desktop with using a local client, follow these steps:

  1. Open your VDI Desktop
  2. Position the VDI Desktop so 1/2 of the screen is on each of the 2 available monitors
  3. Click the down arrow at the top of your desktop screen
    Citrix down aarow
  4. Then choose full screen
    Citrix Full Screen
  5. Your Virtual Desktop will refresh and will be expanded to both screens
  6. To get out of the 2 screen mode, repeat the process but instead of "Full-screen", choose "Window"

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