CatID passphrase requirements

CatID Passphrase Complexity Requirements

A passphrase must be at least 15 characters long (maximum is 30) and may contain both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. While there are no specific requirements for different types of characters to be used, a combination of characters is recommended, such as "my 3rd car was a T-bird" or “I love my passphrase”.  Other important details include: 

• Passphrases cannot begin or end with a blank space
• Passphrases can contain US English characters
• Passphrases cannot contain more than three (3) repeated characters (e.g., “aaa” would be accepted, “aaaa” would not)
• Passphrases are case sensitive
• Passphrases cannot be reused
• Passphrases expire after 1 year (365 days)

Passphrase Protection Measures

UNI will not ask you for your CatID passphrase.  All passphrases are encrypted and unreadable by UNI employees.

Strong Passphrase.  Good security practices include changing online passphrases/passwords on a regular basis, both at work and at home.

Failed Attempts - In order to block unauthorized access through passphrase guessing, our systems disable an account after 10 invalid login attempts.  Once an account has been deactivated, the account stays deactivated for 20 minutes (this 20 minutes interval starts over each time a new log in attempt is performed).

Forgotten Passphrase Policy - If you have forgotten your passphrase, or your account is disabled, you may call the IT Service Desk (319-273-5555) for assistance. If you have enrolled, there is a self-service passphrase reset capability shown directly on the login page.


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  • (319) 273-5555
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