Voice and Data Network Recharge: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Based on a review by the Office of Internal Audit, ITS - Network Services is changing the basis for telephone charges and introducing a modest data charge. This change has been approved by the Cabinet. Over the next few years, this will evolve into a flat per FTE voice and data charge.

Our goal is to secure a reliable, high speed data network for UNI, improve wireless coverage and unified communications by evolving our telephone system from a PBX-based system to VoIP (Voice over IP) system. This will result in simplified operations, eliminate the need to maintain a parallel infrastructure and contribute to savings for the University in the long run.


Common questions about the new network funding model are answered below.



What is the Voice Data Network Recharge?


Prior to July 1, 2013 voice services and data services were funded separately. Voice services was a recharge center and data service was primarily general fund. For many years data service infrastructure was subsidized by voice service long distance tariffs. Due to the converged nature of voice and data networks these services are being combined into a new rate. In conjunction with FARS, ITS is working to certify this new rate.


How will the new rate be introduced?


The new rate is phased in over 3 years, starting July 1 2013. The first year FY14 the voice expense per department is the same as FY13 as computed on a per employee basis. An additional $5 per month data charge for each employee is introduced in FY14. The amounts will be drawn from supplies and services account associated with each employee according to the labor distribution. E.g. some employees are paid 100% from general fund and others may be split between two or more accounts.

Over the following fiscal years the rates from various organizations will be adjusted to converge on a single FTE rate for all of campus. This rate will be approved by FARS.


How is my bill calculated?


For FY14 each organization according to account number has it’s own rate. This rate is based on the total charged for that org incurred in FY13 divided by the total FTE months plus $5. For example if my org paid a total $3,000 for voice service in FY13 and I also have 5 full-time appointment employees (60 employee months).

FY14 Voice Data Rate = (Total voice service charge FY13 / Total Monthly FTE) + $5.

= ($3,000 / 60) + $5 = $55 per employee per month.




Who is exempt?


No one is exempt. Some special services like call centers, external organizations will be billed the traditional way and will continue to receive a voice services bill in FY14.


Were other funding methods considered?


Five charging methods were considered: Data Outlet (Port), IP address, Bandwidth, Percent FTE, and Fee-for-Service. The Percent FTE model was judged to be the most fair and least costly to implement administratively and technically.


Should I build this cost into my budget and grant proposals?


Yes. The costs of network services should be included as direct costs on all future contract and grant applications.


Who is responsible for the mechanics of the recharge?


Information Technology Services is responsible for creating and implementing the mechanics of the recharge with guidance from FARS.


Benefits and Equipment Details



What does the new FTE rate include?


Core Services

  • Extension - Dial tone (basic telephone service)

  • Voice Messaging – Basic (15 minutes storage)

  • Local Calling

  • Long Distance Calling – Domestic/International

  • General Troubleshooting/Repair of Extension

  • In-place telephone instruments

  • Data connections --  wired link 1Gb; Wireless link 6Mb & 20 devices.







Aaron Howard - Network Architect & Manager, Network & Infrastructure Services
Randal Hayes - Voice Services Manager, Network & Infrastructure Services
Ryan Dupuy - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Shane Folkerts - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Wesley Jones - Systems/Network Administrator, Network & Infrastructure Services
  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub