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Information Technology

Using the Student Computer Centers

The Student Computer Centers (SCCs) are managed by the User Services division of ITS ( Information Technology Services ). The students have access and use of: word processing, e-mail and internet access, spreadsheet, database, programming, statistical, and mainframe software and free black/white laser printing.

UNI students are the primary users of the SCCs. UNI faculty and staff may use the facilities; however, students take precedence and should the SCC be full, any faculty or staff members using stations may be asked to leave. Faculty and staff are not to utilize the print capability.

Standard Procedure for using the SCCs

UNI's Authentication Scheme

Laser Printing

Color Printing

SCAC Print Policy

Memory Sticks & the R: Drive (Central Network Student Storage)

Lost and Found Disks

The Role of the Customer Service Assistant

Service Desk

Computer Training Courses

Standard Procedure for using the SCCs

  1. Choose any available computer.
  2. Log into the Active Directory (AD-ITS) at the workstation. (Press Ctrl+Alt+Del)
  3. Once you are at your computer, select the software you would like from the menu. You may run your own software, however, you are NOT allowed to add or save anything to the hard drive so installation of software is not permitted.
  4. You will need a memory stick (recommended) and/or the student storage (R:) drive in order to save your work.

UNI's Authentication

The Microsoft Active Directory Authentication scheme is utilized to allow the users convenient access to computer facilities. This authentication scheme allows ITS to keep many of the Student Computer Centers open, unattended 24 hours a day.

Logging In:

  1. Username: The Log-In screen will prompt you for your UNI CatID Username (your Username is ONLY the portion before the @ sign in your UNI email address).
  2. Password: Your CatID passphrase
  3. Domain: Will always be AD-ITS for students
  4. Auto-logout: After five minutes of inactivity a message appears and you will then have five additional minutes to click cancel in order to bring you back to your desktop. If you do not click cancel you will then be logged off.

Laser Printing

There are laser printers in all of the SCCs. These printers are usually located towards the front of each SCC, near the assistant's workstation. Print is not free but is funded through the student computer fee and should be used conservatively. Faculty and staff are not to utilize the print capability.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to use your own paper when printing in the  SCCs. There are places off campus that will provide this type of service.

Laser Print Policy

The Student Computer Advisory Committee Print Policy

Where Can I Access A Color Printer?

The SCCs do not offer color printing. However, there are several color printing options on campus:

  • The Production House offers color printing for $.75 per page.
  • Several of the colleges have color printers available for their respective college student and faculty/staff use.

Memory Sticks and the R: Drive (Central Network Student Storage)

Reports, assignments and other projects may not be left on the computer hard drives and must be saved on removable media. Removable media are not supplied for users of the SCCs. We recommend using a memory stick or the student individual storage (R:) drive when using a SCC computer. If you are unfamiliar with storing projects on removable media, call the Service Desk at 273-5555, visit the Service Desk at ITTC 36, ask the assistant in the SCC, or ask a friend. It is a very simple procedure that only takes a few minutes to master.

Lost and Found Removable Media

If you have lost your media, please contact the SCC where you believe you left it. If we find a lost media, it will be kept in the SCC. The Supervisor of the SCC will contact you by email. The media will be held in the SCC for 30 days, after which it becomes property of ITS. You must present your UNI ID to the CSA to get your media.

The Role of the Customer Service Assistant (CSA)

The CSA is in charge of maintaining the daily operation of the SCC and are instructed not to do homework for the users. They are there to help answer your questions, maintain printing supplies and help with equipment problems. CSAs are not required to have a full knowledge of all the software packages available in the SCC, but most know at least one software package and will help answer questions when possible. When the SCCs are busy, it is impossible for the CSAs to help every person in the SCC with questions. If, for any of these reasons, the CSA is unable to answer your software questions and problems, call or visit the Service Desk (319-273-5555; ITTC 36). Students using software that is not supported by IT should see their instructor for answers to questions.

IT Service Desk

The Service Desk is located in Room 36 ITTC Building. It is composed of three main services: a Telephone Help Line/Desk, Software Consulting, and Documentation. The Service Desk's function is to assist students, faculty, and staff with computer problems.

Whether you call the Service Desk at 319-273-5555 or walk into ITTC 36, consultants are available to assist students, faculty, and staff with their software problems. A wide variety of free documentation on supported software is available at this location as well. The documentation also can be found online in the Help & Support Knowledge Center of this website.

Other services provided include the following:

  • Passphrase resets
  • Laptop and Smartphone Wireless Assistance
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Applications for E-mail and Web Server accounts
  • File and disk recovery and repair
  • File translations
  • Freeware and shareware
  • PC Purchasing Assistance