UNI Voicemail Telephone User Interface

The UNI Voicemail Telephone User Interface  (TUI) is very similar to the old voicemail system, Audix. Many of the key presses are the same. This guide will layout the essentials for dialing your voicemail, navigating the menus, and generally working within the new voicemail system.

Accessing the Voicemail System

There are typically several scenarios that one might be in while trying to check their voice messages. The following three scenarios are described below: On-campus from your own phone, on-campus from a different phone, or off-campus access.

Access From Your Own Phone On-Campus

To access the UNI Voicemail system from on campus at your own extension (handset) dial 3-7600 or press the Message button on your Avaya VoIP phone. You will be prompted to enter your password. Enter your UNI Voicemail password and press the # key.

Access from On-Campus But Not Your Own Phone

If you are dialing from on-campus, but not your own phone, you can still press the Message button or dial 3-7600. When you hear the prompt for the voicemail box owner's password, press the * key. The system will then prompt for the mailbox number. Enter your extension number in the format of 3xxxx and press #.

Access from Off-Campus

If you are trying to access your messages from off-campus, dial 273-7600 to access the UNI Voicemail System. The system will first prompt you for your extension number, enter it in the format of 3xxxx and press #. Then you will next be prompted for your password. Enter your voicemail password and press #.

Note: your default voicemail system password is your six-digit UNI ID number.

The Voicemail Main Menu

The voicemail main menu has six options.


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