UNI Voicemail Message Retention Periods

The UNI Voicemail System keeps voicemail messages of different types for different periods of time. As of Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017, the voicemail message retention periods will look like this:

  • Unread messages (i.e. you have not yet listened to this message) - 120 days
  • Read messages (i.e. messages you have listened to and decided to keep) - 60 days
  • Sent messages (i.e. messages you received and forwarded to another voicemail box) - 60 days
  • Deleted messages (i.e. messages you have or have not listened to and deleted) - 30 days



Aaron Howard - Network Architect & Manager, Network & Infrastructure Services
Ryan Dupuy - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Shane Folkerts - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Wesley Jones - Systems/Network Administrator, Network & Infrastructure Services
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