Understanding UNI's voicemail greeting system

Phones are assigned to people or to office names. For example a phone could show “MAU Plaza” or it could show a user’s name.  If the phone is assigned to you, it will have your UNI email address associated with it. There are various kinds of voicemail greeting options in the new UNI Voicemail system. When you initialize your voicemail box for the first time, the system has you set up two of your default greetings, which consists of your (external) personalized greeting and your name greeting. You can access your greetings via phone or via the UNI voicemail web portal.

If you have entered your new password, personal greeting, and your name gretting during the initialization process, then you were successful in initializing your UNI Voicemail box.  At this point if you don’t want to go any further with the system and are happy with what you have for a personalized greeting, you are done.  This would be what we refer to as "my default greeting" point. You can always change this greeting for vacation, sick, or anything you wish and just re-record it when you get back, or when you would like a new or different one.  Follow the instructions to re-record your (external) personalized greeting.  Your (external) personalized greeting will play when people call your phone and you are not there. If you are on the phone when they call a system greeting will play, using your recorded name, informing them that you are on the line and to leave a voicemail message.

If you want more functionality out of the greeting system, then the location greeting level would be next. For instance, this would be the ability to have multiple greetings or not allow users to leave a message, if you choose. Initially you will need to create an "In Office" greeting.   After which you need to change your location to match your "In Office" recorded messages. There are ten different location greetings that you can record, they are as follows, "At Lunch", "In Office", At Home", "Meeting", "Away on Business", "Vacation", "Extended Absence", "Temporary Location" Mobile", and "Remote Office". Once you recorded one of these greetings or changed your location, you cannot go back to your (external) personalized greeting.  Most users in this group record and "In Office" greeting and a "Vacation" greeting and change locations to the greeting they wish to use. 

The next level would be the my customized greetings and that is an advanced topic and will not be covered in this document. We may in the future put some information out in a how to document.

You can also access your greetings via the UNI voicemail web portal. Navigate to https://voicemail.uni.edu in your web browser and sign in. Once logged in, click on Greetings.

Once in this area, you can see all your various greeting options including which greetings that are already configured.


Left click the "?" in the top left for the help menu with details on all greetings.



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