Standard Voicemail and Unified Messaging Service

UNI offers voicemail service as part of a standard phone service package. When a phone extension is first assigned to a UNI faculty or staff member, a voice mailbox is created. This voicemail system can be managed via the telephone user interface or website. The website is located at The website can be accessed using a CatID. The system is also configured to send an email containing a link to voicemail audio. Individual voicemails can also be accessed through the website.

Summary of Voicemail/Email integration options:

Option 1 (standard): Voicemail notification with the link to the voicemail message is sent to email address.

Option 2: Voicemail notification is sent to email but without link to voicemail audio within that email.

Option 3: Email notification/access to voicemail is not configured. This is done by special request, a particular job function, or by employment type (i.e. HIPAA requirements, student employees). Extensions are configured for telephone message waiting indicator notification telephone access to voicemail.

Additional Unified Messaging Services

In addition to basic service several other features are integrated into our voicemail system, including ability to send or received FAX, voicemail notifications via e-mail, and others.

Additional Information

A secondary extension cannot be configured for voicemail website access or to receive links to voicemail audio via e-mail, unless a departmental CatID is created and associated with the extension. Typically a secondary extension would only have voicemail notifications via email, meaning an email is sent when a message is left, but does not include a link to the voicemail.



Aaron Howard - Network Architect & Manager, Network & Infrastructure Services
Randal Hayes - Voice Services Manager, Network & Infrastructure Services
Ryan Dupuy - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Shane Folkerts - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Wesley Jones - Systems/Network Administrator, Network & Infrastructure Services
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