Information Technology

Digital Signage

IT Educational Technology & Media Services provides digital signage solutions to the university campus through our Media Services staff.

Digital signage can be created and displayed throughout campus as well as on our campus cable TV system.

The solution utilizes a Drupal web site that is customized for each area and/or sign that is updatable by the department responsible for the sign.

The service is provided at a cost to include the setup and installation of a PC compute stick on a display or the setup of the cable channel for distribution.  The annual costs include a 3 year replacement plan for the compute sticks or 10 year replacement on the cable modulators. Also included are all ongoing support and services to provide software updates and hardware support for these devices.

Summary of costs:


Initial Startup costs

Annual costs

Digital signage compute stick to connect to existing display

$135.00 per sign

$50 per sign (years 2 on)

Cable channel distribution to existing displays

TBD(Estimate based on current number of cable signage users)

$462.50 (years 2 on) as of 2018

Service Contact Information: 

For inquiries on purchase and installation of digital signage, please contact: