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Information Technology

Database Hosting and Administration

Databases are used to store nearly all of the university's computerized data. The university primarily utilizes the Oracle database engine to meet these needs. Microsoft's SQL Server database is utilized for applications not supporting the Oracle database.  

A database is an engine that stores, processes, and secures data for the university. Databases support high volume access with quick response. The university's database environment has been architected to be highly available and quickly recoverable in the event of a disaster.

ITS currently supports all systems of institutional scope, including: Admissions, Benefits, Email, Financial Aid, Facilities, General Ledger, HR, Identity Management, Payables, Payroll, Portal, Receivables, Student Records, University Data Warehouse and a variety of other peripheral systems.

Core to providing database services are the following activities:
Securing databases
Designing database structures
Tuning databases
Patching and upgrading databases
Supporting database development efforts