Reset UNI voicemail password

How to reset your UNI voicemail password.


First you must be on a computer that has web access. Go to the following URL the following should come up.

Click on the Password Reset panel. The following screen will appear.

Fill in the information. Your university email. Check the ‘Reset Voicemail Password’ button and type the characters that show.

Left click the ‘Send a Request’ button.

Login in to your email account and you will have an email as shown.

Open the email.

Click the link and it will allow you to change your password.




Aaron Howard - Network Architect & Manager, Network & Infrastructure Services
Ryan Dupuy - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Shane Folkerts - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Wesley Jones - Systems/Network Administrator, Network & Infrastructure Services
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  • (319) 273-5555
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