Re-recording your personal voicemail greeting

How to record your personal greetings

When you are initially setting up voicemail for a new phone, you will be asked to change your password, change your name greeting, and then your personal greeting. The instruction below describe how to setup your personal greeting.

To set up your greeting from off campus you dial (319) 273-7600.  You will enter your mailbox number and password when prompted. From on campus dial 3-7600. If at your extension, enter your password when prompted.  At another extension when prompted to enter your password press the "*" and enter your mailbox number followed by your password.

Select option 3 to record greetings.

Select option 1 for Personal Greeting.

Press 2 to record, 1 to accept, and save.

Note: If you recorded an in-office greeting, your personal greeting will never be played to anyone leaving a voicemail.


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