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Information Technology

Network Expansion to SUI Oakdale ITF Data center

ITS-NS plans to build a network to support servers an services loaked in the Oakdale data center. This will provide the based netork infrastructure to support fault tolerant or highly available systems located in this remote facility.  On 7/11/14 a new transfer switch was installed at ITF to support single power supply systems.  In September the UNI rack will move to a new row. In December 2014 systems were migrated to a new row which will allow UNI to expand to 5 contigous racks. A new firewall/VPN solution is being evaluated for the environment and was installed by 3/1/15. The next phase involves locating servers and SAN system at ITF. Currently we project systems will be operational by 7/1/15.

Start Date: 
August, 2013