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Information Technology

Expansion of wireless coverage at UNI

The next phase of wireless expansion will focus on extending coverage to faculty office areas and conference rooms. This phase of the project will include optimization of existing wireless systems which will improve performance and capacity in all buildings. Optimization is expected to be iterative, as power is optimized new coverage gaps may emerge. The ultimate goal is to improve performance and cover all areas identified for wireless coverage with 802.11n capacity within 18 months.  Please refer to ITS Support Article 1781 for more information on the progress of this project. At this point the project, we consider UNI to be 95% covered with WiFi, we are now focused on optimizing wireless service and working on areas which could not be covered previously due to limits in infrastructure. Estimated completation date for optimization is 12/31/14

As of 1/1/15 new pipe path was added to WRC. Aps in primarily dance studios will be installed Q1 2015. 

Completion of this project is expected before the end of Q1 2015.

Start Date: 
July, 2013