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Information Technology

Data Center Refresh and Firewall Migration

In response to requirements to increase bandwidth to support protecting UNI data assets, support server virtualization, and improve security the network equipment in UNI data centers will be upgraded to support 10 gigabit connectivity. This project will also improve network fault tolerance, reduce impact of scheduled maintenance on service, and enable storage and voice convergence. Many systems will be upgraded prior to Aug 2013, remaining systems will be upgraded by Jan 2014. New firewall systems will be installed July 2013 and phased into service over the following 15 months.

As of November 2013, the redundant firewalls are in place, and have two utility and one major subnet migrated behind them.  New subnets will continue to be migrated in upcoming months, with a goal of moving the major subnet behind the firewalls during Winter Break.

There are a few holdover racks that need to be cut over to new equipment, but the majority of the jacks in the datacenter have been migrated to the new equipment at this point.

As of January 2014 the primary data center subnet  .120.0/22 has been moved behind the firewall.

Start Date: 
March, 2013