Adding events system to ConnectUNI

One of the current priorities for the ConnectUNI project is to add events functionality to the system.  The concept of events is critical because it is through these events that people are given the ability to see and experience activities on our campus.  As we have been researching events on campus, we found significant interest and need for a single solution.  Events are held for school aged youth, prospective students, students, alumni, donors, patrons, employees, etc...., today these are currently all done differently, and often times the participation information about those events is lost.   It is our goal to streamline the event creation and registration process for UNI events, as well as ensure that participation information is maintained in ConnectUNI.

After a review of the solutions available, UNI has chosen to work with Blackthorn ( as our solution.  Implementation was started in early 2020, and the product is fully installed.  We are currently working through the configuration with admissions as we are implementing campus visits for prospective students first.  Initial go live is somewhat dependent on when in person visits resume, but it should be sometime during the summer of 2020.

As admissions staff become more impendent with this new tool, IT staff will be reaching out to other campus areas to being coming on board as well.  This is expected to occur over the summer of 2020 as well.  If you could benefit from using this events sign up module, please fill out a service hub ticket and get on the list.

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September, 2019
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