Prevent Callers from Leaving a Message on UNI Voicemail

How to prevent callers from leaving a message in UNI voicemail.


First you must be on a computer that has web access. Go to the following URL the following should come up.

Left click on the Web Access panel and you will be prompted to login with your google account information

When you enter your information it should be in the format then your CatID passphrase (If prompted).  When you click next it should route you to the central authentication server (CAS).

You need to put in your CatID information and click login. When the Web Access window loads click on the top panel under location heading.

Make sure the “Override my location and set my current location” option is selected.

Set your Current location by the pull down. In office will work. Availability at current location can also be selected if you want.

The following options should also be set.

Now save at the top and then the X at the right of the panel. Left click on the Locations panel.

Select the setting that was chosen in the Current Location selection. Here it will be in office.

Left click the “In Office” and left click the “Location Greeting” tab, the following screen will appear.

The Options can both be checked and It will force the user to listen to your entire message before they go on and then will not allow the caller to leave a message. If you select the “Do not allow callers to leave messages” it will give you two other options. 

Select the “Hang up after the greeting” selection. Left click the Save and Close then left click the X in the right to close the previous window.

Now it is set for your In Office greeting to be played when people call in and will not allow them to leave any voice mails.


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