Policy: SCAC (Student Computer Advisory Committee) Print Policy

All black and white regular laser printing in student computer facilities of units receiving a student technology fee allocation will be paid for from this fee and students shall not be charged additionally.  Each unit shall monitor printing to assure resources are not wasted.

You are allowed to print only ONE copy of a document. We do not allow printing multiple copies of documents (i.e. resumes etc.). Use a copy machine to duplicate copies.

The intent of the Free Print Policy in campus computer facilities is to provide for Academic needs or purposes:

  1. Personal Writing (class projects, papers, etc.)
  2. Reasonable amounts of Research/Study documents (40 pages or less per document)

Unacceptable Examples:

  1. Research/Study documents exceeding 40 pages per document
  2. Documents using high amounts of print toner (poorly designed documents such as one Powerpoint slide per page or negative print images)
  3. Multiple copies for class handouts
  4. Flyers, etc. for Student Organizations
  5. eText textbooks
  6. eCourse course packets

Suggested Alternatives:

  1. Read large documents online
  2. Copy large documents to your own personal computer
  3. Obtain class documents from print services or copy centers
  4. Obtain class documents from Course Reserves at the Rod Library Services Desk



Policy Type: Technology Guidelines

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  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub