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Information Technology

Student Computer Fee Waivers

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010

BACKGROUND: Currently, UNI students outside the State, do not have to pay a Student Computer Fee. Student teachers with assignments almost next to each other, but on opposite sides of the Iowa border are treated differently. More technology capabilities are now available via the www. In addition there is increased technology usage from Continuing Education and distance education initiatives. For example, UNI students located in other countries and taking their courses via the web would, under the current policy, be exempt from paying a computer fee. Garry will take the proposal to the Student Computing Advisory Committee for input prior to bringing it back to the Planning and Policy Committee for Information Technology.

CHARGE: Review the current exemption policy for student computer fees and recommend any changes to the Planning and Policy Committee for Information Technology. The policy should outline under what circumstances the fee is waived or prorated. The draft should be submitted to the Associate Vice President for Information Technology by April 28, 1999.

MEMBERS: Scott Hunt (Student), Phil Patton (Registrar), Garry Bozylinsky (ITS), Jim Bodensteiner (Continuing Education), and Dan Sterenchuk (student).

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