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Information Technology

Student Computer Fee Allocation Guidelines:2004-06

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010
  1. The fee may be used for any technology-related expenditure that will directly benefit students.
    1. Technology facilities renovations or remodeling shall be scheduled according to the standard procedure and prioritization for all renovations and remodeling requests. Funding may come from General Education Funds (such as Building Repair), private gifts, or the student computing fee.
    2. All black and white regular laser printing in student computer facilities of units receiving a computer fee allocation will be paid for from this fee and students shall not be charged additionally. Each unit shall monitor printing to assure resources are not wasted.
  2. All funds will be held by the Associate VP for Information Technology Services (ITS) who will release them upon receipt of a brief (one page) proposal with significant student input outlining the proposed use of the funds consistent with the university technology vision and strategic plan, especially addressing how the proposal will impact students. In addition, at the end of the fiscal year each recipient will submit a brief (one page) summary of how the funds were used and how they benefited students.
  3. A single amount shall be allocated to Academic Affairs where the Provost and deans will decide among themselves on the most appropriate distribution to the five academic colleges and the library.
  4. The fee proposed to the Board of Regents shall be increased from $140 in FY 2003 to $150, $165, and $180 in each of the next three years respectively, allocated proportionately as follows, with the exceptions that $4,000 shall first be allocated for the upkeep of each ICN room on campus and $30,000 shall be allocated to the upkeep of technology presentation capabilities in large lecture halls (100 or more students).
    1. 65% for the five academic colleges and the library
    2. 27% for ITS 3. 8% for Special Allocations
  5. These guidelines shall be reexamined in Spring 2005 for the fiscal years 2007-2009.
  6. These guidelines may be reexamined, as the President’s Cabinet deems necessary.
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Approved by PPCIT 2/19/2002. Revised by SCAC 4/8/2002. Revised version approved by PPCIT 4/19/2002. Approved by Cabinet 4/29/2002 with the note that the fees in item #4 are to be minimum amounts.