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Information Technology

Reassigning University Computers

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010

Purpose To establish a policy ensuring that computer hard drives are cleaned appropriately before the University disposes of the computer or provides it to another University user. It is important that confidential or sensitive information on computer hard drives is not inadvertently released to unauthorized persons. In addition, it is also important that software no longer licensed for a computer is not transferred with the computer to another university user or sent to University Surplus for sale. Definitions: Computer – includes personal computers, laptop computers, servers, mini and mainframe computers, as well as hand-held devices and any devices capable of long-term electronic storage. Clean – a computer that contains no sensitive or confidential data or unlicensed software that could be used by unauthorized users. Policy Statement: No University owned computer shall be transferred from one user to another, or disposed of by the University, before first receiving certification that the computer is clean from the designated college or division technology support person (or his/her designee) where the computer was last used. Procedures: Information Technology Services staff shall work in conjunction with the college and division support personnel to develop a means for identifying computers that have been properly certified as clean. The appearance and location of this certification identifier on used computers shall be communicated to University Surplus so they do not accept any computers for resale that have not been certified as clean. This policy takes effect November 1, 2003.

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