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Information Technology

Rationale for a Technology Resource Provision Policy

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010

As with any resource, technology resources have physical and financial limits. The University cannot, for example, provide unlimited disk storage, Internet bandwidth, CPU capacity, video licenses, or voice mail storage. Nor can ITS plan for and deliver the technology resources that every unit (or individual) on campus might legitimately need, exactly when they need it. The role of ITS is to provide those technology services used by the campus as a whole and to support those applications that are institutional in scope.

The University, through ITS, purchases a finite amount of technology resources based upon the aggregate needs of typical users throughout the University community. It is not possible, however, for this approach to meet the needs of those in the community who have extraordinary technology resource needs. Instead of managing these resources by forcing all users to accept an arbitrary level of service, this policy encourages and enables units to work with ITS to enable them to purchase the extra resources needed at cost, dedicating those to a particular unit or person to be available when needed.

In addition, the unit or person in this situation is best positioned to know in advance what is needed and to be able to budget, plan for, and deliver it on time. Local units are also in a better position to understand the importance of the additional resources requested and to make better decisions on the value of the additional investment required. If UNI does not begin to manage these resources, the result will be a free-for-all in which all available resources could be consumed, grinding everyone’s use to a halt.

This policy does not establish the resource limits. It gives ITS the authority, working with the PPCIT, to establish reasonable limits for the provision and use of various limited technology resources.

Technology Resource Provision Policy


Under the Information Technology Support Guidelines, Information Technology Services (ITS) is charged with managing “those technology functions and services which are campus-wide in nature or which have an institution-wide impact.” Those guidelines also specify that, “specialized, discipline- or department-specific functions and services are generally best managed by the local unit desiring the function or service.” This policy establishes how finite central technology resources at UNI are to be allocated to the University community, along with the responsibilities local units have to provide for their own technology resource needs that exceed those normally provided by ITS.


ITS shall publish yearly standards on the limits on the technology resources it provides to the University community based upon meeting the needs of the “typical” University consumer as defined in consultation with the PPCIT. Technology resources include email disk storage, Internet bandwidth, RealPlayer video licenses, World Wide Web space, and voice mail storage, as well as other technology resources that require management due to their finite nature. ITS shall provide the users who require more resources than the typical user with an option to purchase additional resources at cost.

Policy Type: 
Approved by PPCIT February 19, 2002