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Information Technology

Principles of Student Use of Technology

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010

1. Students will have expertise in the use of computer-based tools in their disciplines and, more generally, be able to identify appropriate use of computer applications in problem solving. 2. Students will have the ability to engage in computer-mediated instruction and use of personal productivity tools. 3. Students will have proficiency using information technology to access and assess information. 4. Students will have the skills to communicate through information technologies. 5. Students will have the confidence and ability to engage in continuous lifelong learning involving information technology. 6. Student will have knowledge of the social, ethical, cultural and legal issues as they relate to information technology. 7. Students will be able to make use of information technology to manage and participate in administrative, student life and co-curricular activities.

Approved by PPCIT - December, 1996